Let’s Talk Bookish: Books on Vacation

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Now without further ado… The topic asks us about:


Prompts: What books do you like to bring on vacation? Do you bring any books at all? What kind of books do you think are good for a vacation? How much time do you usually have to read on vacation? What does an ideal vacation with a book look like?


As a mood reader, bringing books on vacation is a must but choosing the books is always a dilemma (and I’m well aware that I’m speaking from a place of privilege). I’m currently on an extended “vacation” to India for the next few months and when I was packing for my trip a couple weeks ago, I struggled to choose which ones to take with me! Do I just rely on my Kindle and pack 1-3 physical books or do I say “who needs clothes when I have books?” Spoiler: I kinda went with the latter! 😂

In general, although I often can’t bring as many physical books as I’d like with me on vacation I do bring at least two and sometimes end up picking up another 1 or 2 along the way, but I always have a fully stocked Kindle and I never go anywhere without my device!


I’m personally not much of a seasonal or ‘moment’ reader because it depends entirely on my mood most of the time. For my current trip away it was a little simpler to pick which physical books to bring because I have buddy reads planned and I had a few titles that I wanted to get to for Pride Month 🌈! For other trips, I’ve focused on bringing physical books that I knew would be easier to read which would usually be romances, thrillers or YA contemporaries. I think the perfect vacation reads are those that don’t require much focus to get through and that are fast paced. Also, definitely not the chonksters but the ones that are easy to hold while lying back!


I don’t think I’m the only one who believes that they’ll end up reading every book they bring on vacation, right? (no? just me?) 😂 When I go on vacation (or previously staycations) alone, I have much more time because I have the choice to not do anything but laze in bed or by the pool or on the beach with my book. Even if I did go out for some sightseeing and all that, I can take it at my own pace and bring my book along and read when the mood strikes me. But when I’m away with others, I always overestimate just how much time I’ll have to read and end up feeling slightly disappointed that I make so little progress reading! I mean, some people will say the whole point of being on vacation is to do something different but I like my comforts, y’know? 😅


I’m such a lazy homebody that my ideal vacation with a book would be me sunk deep in a plush and cosy hotel bed with the windows thrown wide open so the sunlight comes through, surrounded by delicious room service ft. easy to eat nibbles and lots of coffee, and of course, all the books and time to read them! This version of a vacation laying by a private pool or a quiet/secluded beach would also be ideal—just as long as I have all the time I want to read my books! 😍

Do you bring books on vacation? If so, how many? Do you have specific types of reads that you bring or are you more of a mood reader?