dinipanda who?

Well, hello there! First of all, thank you for stopping by my page. I hope that you found whatever you were looking for and that you also liked what you found!

So, this is the part where I talk about myself… I never quite know what to say in these ‘About Me’ sections—either I divulge too much or much too little—so please bear with me while I figure it out!

so here are some ‘fun facts’ about me:

  • My name is Dini (she/her)
  • I live in Indonesia and I’ve lived here for the past 6 years
  • I consider myself a “Third Culture Kid” (also known as “expat brats” or “army brats”)
  • I’ve lived in 7 countries: Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia and the UK
  • I’m 30-something but only moved to Indonesia (my ‘home’ country) to live for the first time
  • The majority of people do think I’m American but I’ve never actually lived in America
  • People have also asked whether I’m from: Canada, Alaska, New Zealand, Australia, and even Mongolia (though I wouldn’t know why cos I’ve never been and know nobody from there?)
  • By day I’m a communication officer for Southeast Asia at a Dutch NGO

i’m living my best bookish life!

As with many other book bloggers, I’ve always been an avid reader. I started reading a lot when I was in elementary school as a way to cope with bullying and I continued straight on through to my high school years. I did stop reading for a while when I was doing my Bachelor and Master degrees but I rediscovered the library when I was living in Norwich, UK and I dove straight back into the wonderful world if reading as if I’d never even left in the first place! If you follow my blog you’ll notice that I read a very mixed bag of genres.

My two most frequently read genres are:

  • contemporary adult romance and
  • mostly YA fantasy and now also MG fantasy

I do love a good adult, YA or MG:

  • historical fiction (most often set in WWII)
  • science fiction
  • a mystery/thriller (as long as it’s not ghosty) and sometimes even
  • poetry/prose!

I very irregularly read classics (usually my favourites Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion though!) but one genre I always aim to read more of is non-fiction, mostly without much success.

One genre I tend to stray from is horror—especially of the ghosty/supernatural/paranormal variety, unless of course I’m feeling extra brave! Otherwise, I am The Ultimate Chicken™️ (yes, it even applies to MG horror)!

I made my first blog post around April 2019 and while I’ve taken a few breaks over the last almost-three(!) years, I haven’t looked back since! I aim to challenge myself to become a better reader, to be more critical and more aware of what I read, and to better understand what makes a good read (for me).

Plus, I also want to connect with other like-minded book lovers and share all the book love. The book community is such a wonderful place to be and it’s been such an amazing experience discovering so many like-minded book loving people since I started blogging. I don’t know how I even got on before I became a part of this community!

other than my blog you can find me on:

So… I think that’s basically it from me! If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading my ramblings! If you’ve subscribed or followed my blog, thank you for joining me on this journey and I hope to get to know you all better!