#TopTenTuesday: Books I Hope to Find Under My Tree!

It’s that time of the week again, friends! We’re back with another Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s prompt is: books I hope to find under my tree. My family actually doesn’t celebrate Christmas and neither do we have any kind of Balinese/Indonesian tradition that involves gift exchanges etc. The closest we get to the very festive and jovial mood of Christmas is on New Years Eve. But this year we’re actually planning to do a very small White Elephant round and I’m looking forward to it. I don’t think I’ll be finding any books under “my tree” 😅 but STILL a girl can hope right?! But I also just like to make these lists so here’s what I’d hope to get:

The Simple Wild
It’s one of my 2019 favorites and I want to get my hands on the physical copy so bad!

10 minutes 38 Seconds in this Strange World
This has such an interesting premise and I love that cover.

Not Even Bones
I started the Webtoon of this book without realizing it’s a full-length novel. It’s not available on Kindle but I’m desperate to read it!

I’m surprised this wasn’t more hyped? But I love the cover and the synopsis sounds great. It’s also not on Kindle 😦

Get A Life, Chloe Brown
I have a feeling that I’ll want to have this one on my physical shelf…

The Library of the Unwritten
Even if I didn’t think the premise was cool, just look at that cover!

Permanent Record
I loved Emergency Contact and I’m so excited to read this one. I love this cover!

The Institute
It’s thick AF but … *grabby hands*

The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind
Ever since seeing this on Sammie’s blog and reading her review for it, I’ve needed to get my hands on this book!

The Name of the Wind: 10th Anniversary Edition
I really really really want this special edition. It has illustrations in it and it’s gorgeous!

What books do you hope to find under your tree?
Would any of my choices make your list?

30 thoughts on “#TopTenTuesday: Books I Hope to Find Under My Tree!

    1. YES!!! I really want the physical copy of that book. It’s one of my favorite romances this year 🥰 Maybe I’ll wait until the sequel comes out and buy both of them at the same time if it doesn’t appear under my tree hehe. Happy Christmas! 😍

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  1. Not Even My Bones is supposed to be really good, and I totally want to read that, too! Now that I see this … I realize I never published my review for The Library of the Unwritten … because I’m obviously a really bad book blogger. xD I should … do that. And you should totally read it! Five stars from me. Heck yes for all these books with bad-ass librarian protagonists this year. Also, yes, you definitely should read Jackson Ford’s book. I’m still sitting here eagerly awaiting the second one. Which pretty much started when I finished the first one and realized they already had a title for the second. xD

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    1. I only discovered the book because I found the Webtoons and I am LOVING it so much. But I’m gutted they don’t have the Kindle version and I just am itching to get my hands on it NAOW so I can know what happens 😅I’m looking forward to reading Library of the Unwritten and The Girl in 2020! I don’t think I’ll be seeing any of these books under my tree or anywhere anytime soon but I’m just gonna order them… Before 2020 rolls around since I’m going to try to spend as little as possible in 2020 😆

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      1. Yes, get all that ordering in before the new year, then. xD I think I asked you before, but I don’t remember if you answered. Does BD deliver to you? I don’t actually know where people outside the US order things because … well, because I’m spoiled. I said it lol.

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        1. Yeah, BD does! If it didn’t, I wouldn’t have half the books I have 😅 BD is pretty amazing. I’m so happy that they have free shipping, even if sometimes I feel like the prices already do include shipping. It’s still cheaper than ordering on the local online store here. Haha I think we’re all on that same spoiled boat 😉

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          1. I don’t know where you would be ordering that’s cheaper than BD, but man, BD tends to be cheaper than Amazon more times than not (unless there’s some massive sale on or something), so I love ordering from BD. xD It just takes longer than Amazon.


  2. Hope you found some of these wrapped as part of your fun party, Dini. If not, I hope somehow they find their way to you in 2020! Happy reading – and thanks for the visit to Finding Wonderland last week.

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